Data & Analytics

truData’s leading practices approach delivers for our clients an effective results driven engagement, by leveraging the same model for both an Operational as well as an Experience oriented data and analytics request. From optimizing existing report delivery to advanced machine learning, truData provides the framework and delivery plan with the right talent to ensure business success.

truData – Data & Analytics Engagement Model and Delivery Plan

truData brings talent and experience from both traditional analytics as well as data science insight driven approaches. Our team of project managers, solution architects, engineers and data scientists provides end to end services for data and analytics initiatives. We provide a full engagement model to capture the tasks and artifacts required from our business understanding, data acquisition/integration, modeling, deployment and acceptance. truData’s expertise of advanced engineering technologies for enabling the business capabilities include MS Azure, Google Cloud, databricks, Snowflake and SAP HANA. For delivery and presentation, our focus includes SAP’s Analytics Cloud, Tableau, Qlik and MS PowerBI.

truData’s client engagement and delivery model ensures we impart the right knowledge to make your teams successful. Our value goes beyond technology through providing long-term self-sufficiency through our mentored and parallel working approach and sharing strategies for business adoption. truData is invested in a long-term client partnership and the success of your projects, teams and technologies.